eCommerce | Listing website | Homepage sign-up concept
UX/UI Design | Wireframing
Adobe XD | Adobe Photoshop
USA | 2018

Popshops is a listing page for business spaces. It provides businesses and individuals with a place where they can offer offices and office buildings to other companies.

The design explores a simple, clean homepage with a sign-up form and a few listings.


The client had done their homework on some of the research for the final product. As a result, they had an idea of what they wanted on the page and an early draft of the homepage.

My job was to find a UI solution that would provide a solid UX for the homepage design.


The problem was creating a design that would look appealing and have good UX.

This meant that we had to create a solution that would enable users to register to the platform with ease and already show them blinks of how what they can expect from the listings. A sort of a tease.


Together with the client, we decided to go for a simple design that shows a hero headline and a form. This would enable users to sign up fast and with little to no distractions on the page.

Key questions

The question that came up was, how do we maximize the CTR and number of signups?

How to make the page as straight to the point as possible but still offer a quick peak at the listings.

Tought process

The project, from my perspective, was more of a UI project. However, I did have to consider UX principles too. The main goal was to provide a solution that would empathize with users searching for a solution and enable them to do it as fast as possible.

At the same time, I had to consider business needs and demands in terms of layout and elements on the page.


As the client did the original research and they had a clear image of what elements they expected on the page. I was responsible for researching possible solutions and best practices for this type of landing page.


After my research, I came up with a few ideas and rough sketches. These sketches were then transformed into low-fidelity wireframes with the elements that the client demanded on the page.

Visual design

The UI design of the page is simple and clean. I wanted the design to have minimal distractions with CTA visible and easily accessible to anyone. The page had to follow a high conversion rate.

The listings were pushed into the second plan as they are presented below the main sign-up form. Of course, they were designed to have an easily accessible CTA and enable users to take quick actions.


However, I have to add that for a more accurate estimate of results, we would need to test the design after delivery, which it was not, as the design was part of a design contest. The usability testing should be done, and I would suggest further testing with A/B testing to see what works best for a particular set of users.

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